IntelliMAX Software for ProtoMAX

Designed for anyone to create anything

The powerful Intelli-MAX software is where your imagination gets its start. Drawing tools and extensive file and image import tools allow novices and experienced CAD user’s options to express their creativity. When you combine that with automatic tool pathing and advanced cutting algorithms, the possibilities are unlimited.

See how our advanced software and the ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet work together.

Powerful software in one simple package

The ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet comes complete with a laptop pre-configured with the Intelli-MAX software. If you are a customer planning to download the software or just want to see how easy it is to use, check out our videos.

  • Drawing with LAYOUT

    LAYOUT features the CAD tools you expect to create that perfect drawing along with waterjet specific tools to designate cut quality and machine pathing. Follow the step-by-step instructions to guide you through drawing a part and preparing that part for the ProtoMAX waterjet to cut.

  • Importing other CAD

    LAYOUT makes importing CAD drawings from other programs easy. Import .dwg, .dxf,.ord,.ai,.pdf, and .svg file formats. Included tools help identify path issues, assign cut qualities and path a part.

  • Picture to part

    The Intelli-TRACE feature in LAYOUT lets you create a tool path for the ProtoMAX from virtually any image. The Intelli-TRACE wizard is simple to use for even the most novice user.

  • Make your part

    This powerful software features a cutting model developed for abrasive jet cutting. This means fast, accurate cutting of complex shapes. The best part is that all of this power is available with a simple click of a button.

Download IntelliMAX Software

Now everyone can download and install the software on their own computer, design and path a part, email or save that part to a removable drive and use the file to cut the part on the ProtoMAX.

Download Software